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What is the Edify application?

The remote work environment was forced upon many companies with the start of the pandemic. However, it was quickly recognized, that working from home was here to stay. With the advancement of technology, communications, and employment cost reductions, employers and employees alike both prefer and appreciate the remote lifestyle.

In fact, it is expected that by the year 2025, 70% of the American workforce will be remote.

So, what is Edify’s role in all of this? We’re so glad you asked! Working remotely presents new challenges for employees that they were not faced with while in an office. Distractions created by children in the home, particularly for women, was identified by employees as having a negative impact on performance.

Edify was developed to take some of the load off of employees’ plates by offering an easy and cost-effective way to support employees and their children. As a form of virtual childcare, Edify is a remote learning platform that connects students and children to an online session with a virtual Tutor, Music Teacher, or Childcare Specialist.

Edify creates an opportunity for parents and guardians to step away for one more conference call, effectively increase their productivity. Furthermore, Edify is a solution that increases employee retention, talent acquisition, and overall job satisfaction and happiness.

All Childcare providers on the Edify platform have undergone a background check and have had their educational credentials verified. Should a child leave a virtual video session, the adult on the other end of the call is able to click a button to send a text to the parent or guardian to immediately alert them.

The Edify application is safe, easy, and effective. Interested in offering Edify as a benefit to the employees in your organization? Request a demo today! We’d love to assist you in contributing to the health and wellness of your workforce.

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