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Teach with Edify
Create your own rates and schedule, from the comfort of your home

Edify enables Teachers, Mentors, and Caregivers to earn additional income on their own schedule.


Tutoring, Educational Play, and Music Lessons


Create your own schedule


24 hour

Edify support


background checks

  • When will I get paid?
    Currently our caregivers are paid once a month. Caregivers receive payment on the 5th of every month for any earnings from the previous calendar month.
  • Do you require a background check?
    Yes, we require a background check to be completed in order to provide care on our platform
  • Is there a required schedule, or is this on-demand?
    Sessions on Edify are on-demand. Requests for a session can be made a half an hour prior to the start. Please keep in mind, Teachers must accept the request to confirm the meeting time otherwise a cancellation notice is sent to the parent.
  • How much will I get paid?
    Caregivers set their own rates! However, depending on your skills, expertise, and years of experience, your rate may vary compared to other teachers.
  • I previously completed a background check, can I send you that documentation?
    No, Teachers must go through a background check through our approved partners. This ensures timely application processing and teaching approval onto the platform.
  • Can I be located outside of the United States?
    Currently caregivers are required to be United States citizens. However, caregivers may physically teach from outside of the United States.
  • How will payments be sent to my bank?
    We partner with Stripe for payments, which allows you to connect either a debit card or checking account to receive payment.
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