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The Edify Start

As a new mom, working a high-stress job remotely, it became evident to Edify CEO, Irina Tsukernik, that her productivity was taking a hit. Feeling frustrated, Irina considered leaving the workforce to focus on her daughter. However, passionate about her career, and recognizing this very struggle as one that prevents many women from entering the male-dominated workforce, Irina set out to create a solution.

Determined to find a balance between showing up for her daughter and achieving her goals at work, Edify was born.

After a brief Starbuck’s meeting, Irina was introduced to Bob Pease via her friend and business partner, Aaron Newman. Bob, the now CTO and Co-Founder of Edify, was in love with the concept and everything that Edify stood for. From that moment on the Edify application began to come to life from the homes of two remote working parents.

Today, #TeamEdify has on-boarded over 150 Tutors and Caregivers into the application, has partnered with local Rochester based companies to pilot the application, hired a Director of Marketing, and is in the process of hiring a Sales Development Representative.

As remote employees steadily increase and emphasize the value of benefits over salary, Edify exists to provide the stability in the new and here-to-stay work from home environment.

Interested in signing up for a Tutoring, Music Lesson, or Caregiver session? Sign up here today!

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